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Cliff's Work: Songwriter



Harriet’s eponymously titled debut album is out now. A firm favourite on Radio 2, the album features Cliff’s arrangements played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Cliff and Harriet also wrote the song “Empty Shoes” together which appears on the album.


The Songwriting Academy

Cliff is thrilled to have been asked to join the Songwriting Academy‘s mentoring team. Founded by multi-platinum songwriter and producer Martin Sutton, the Academy runs workshops, retreats and seminars to help songwriters and producers understand today’s music business.


Don’t Stop The Pop!

Cliff was recently interviewed by “Don’t Stop The Pop” about various aspects of his career… You can find the interview here : Don’t Stop The Pop Interview Part 1 Don’t Stop The Pop Interview Part 2  

X Factor

Cliff worked as inhouse arranger for the X Factor TV show from 2010 until 2015.  When the live shows begin, the contestants need bespoke tracks for their live TV performances.  These tracks often feature new arrangements by Cliff. Cliff has gone on to work with many of the contestants after the show has finished and […]

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church recorded Cliff’s song “Finding My Own Way” for her debut album, which also featured on Mel Gibson’s “The Passion Of The Christ” soundtrack. The song was co-written with Charlotte and Marcella Detroit of Shakespears Sister fame.