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Cliff's Work: 2012

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Cliff travelled to Olso with Kylie Minogue to conduct her live performances at the Nobel Peace Prize 2012. Oslo’s Spektrum Arena seats approximately 7,000 guests and the concert is broadcast to over 100 countries.

London 2012 Logo

London Olympics 2012

Once again teaming up with Steve Anderson, Cliff co-wrote the music for the gymnastics display at the London 2012 Olympics. The composition performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was used for a gymnastic display every day of the Olympics at the London O2 arena, as well as during the presentation of medals ceremony.  

Clare Reynolds

Back in 2012 Cliff worked with Australian singer / songwriter Clare Reynolds. ¬†Clare’s songs have featured on a number of TV shows including “Private Practice”. Her album “Colour My Heart” featured a number of string arrangements by Cliff.